Pompa Airless Masterjet 400ES


The main characteristic of the Masterjet pump 400ES is that it is equipped with bigger pumping group that consent to work with pression up to 40 bar, and a high efficiency gear motor allowing a considerable saving of electric energy (up to 70% less) and to have a flow and pressure range much larger than the other airless pumps on the market. The mechanically actuated membranes, assure a pulse-free supply thus avoiding also the contamination of the enamel in the tub in case of breakage of one or more membranes. It is equipped with an electric panel with inverter and pressure sensor when the motor moves of a settable value in Hz from the initial work, the operator is alerted by a warning ligh and an audible warning device. It is thus possible immediately to identify and solve problems due to cloggings in the nozzles or at too low levels of the enamel in the tub.

Maximum pressure 20 Bar.
Maximum capacity 50lt/min.